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This is my effort to share my hobby, Science Fiction!
Here are a few sites I have looked at and recommend for Sci-Fi fans.
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          Lets here it for Harry Turtledove !
Another well conceived book from Guns of the South to the following 
adventure of an alternate time line in; How Few Remain by 
As a Civil War buff I found this writing to be one of Harry's best!
The story flows smoothly with great accuracy in personalities from 
history that are real. 
Great job Harry!
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Harry Turtledove
five star's! ***** Unofficial Turtledove site,looks good
Terry Goodkind has surpassed the field in Fantasy! Book one WIZARD's FIRST RULE, ***** Book two STONE OF TEARS ***** This was a terrific series well written with great characters and sub plots. Moved very well and keeps your interest! Number three BLOOD OF THE FOLD, ran along with the others but did not seem to carry as well in the story line. I still liked the work and was impressed enough to buy book number four TEMPLE OF THE WINDS This does not quit finish the series but it will do for now. I did not care for the increase in sexual activity in the last two books but it did go with the story line. I hope for additional stories in the furture along this line.
Series of books *****
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Science Fiction/Fantasy
C.J Cherryh
Good entertainment. Listing of her books Bob


Piers Anthony
Orson Scott Card
C.J. Cherryh
Harry Harrison
James P. Hogan
Katharine Kerr
Melissa Scott

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