Seventh Illinois Company "H"

Adjutant General's Report

SEVENTH ILLINOIS MOUNTED INFANTRY Men of Company "H" 1861 to 1865 Lincoln, Logan Co, Illinois

" Let its stained and tattered mass, Tell the story of the terror and the glory, Of the battle of the Allatoona Pass."
On the morning of the 5th the Pass was attacked by Gen. French's rebel Division, numbering six thousand men. The 7th, armed with the Henry rifle, (or 16 shooter.) did gallant and fearfull work-successfully repelling four seperate charges made by the desperate and hungry enemy on the line occupied by them-its torn and bleeding ranks told at what a fearfull cost. Its colors, under which fell many a gallant bearer that day, were never lowered.
In this battle October 5th 1864, thirty eight men were killed and sixty-seven wounded. The enemy lost two thousand two hundred killed and wounded, and, not able to stand against this gallant little band of defenders in the Pass, they fled, leaving this number on the field. The Seventh, together with all those who assisted in that gallant defense and glorious victory, won never fading laurels, and was highly complimented, General Sherman, who said; " For the numbers engaged, they stood opon the bloodiest battle field ever known upon the American continent."

Regiment lost during service 8 Officers and 81 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded. 3 Officers and 174 Enlisted men by disease. Total 266

Roster of Company "H"



The Seventh " has been under reveiw times.

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